Katrina & Yann's birthday party

(2nd page)
Mickael: Oh putain ! Tu m'excites tellement t'es sexy !
Katrina: Hey ! Be careful ! You're gonna break it !
Alain: Aie ! P'tain, j'me suis coincé une boule là !
6 beautiful girls only for you Alain ! You should smile ! (or maybe you have a broom stick in the ass ?)
Mickael: Oh mon p'tit saligo de Thierry, tu m'excites !
Thierry: Hey ! Il arrete pas de m'toucher !
Alain: Ah ben, chacun sa merde ! Moi, j'ai 2 jolies demoiselles a mes bras, alors j'm'en fous !
Omar: What am I doing here with all those transsexuals ? (NDLA: Katrina & Jing aren't included in the transsexuals)
Mickael: Oh qu'il est mignon lui !
Alain: Quoi ?
Thierry: P'tain j'vais m'casser la gueule là !
Katrina: My mother wouldn't believe me if I tell her what is happening here !
Markus: Look ! James Bond has the same one ! Colt 226 model year 1985 ...
Alain: Ahahaha !!! Il croit p'tet qu'on va le croire !
Mickael: Quelle grande sotte celui-là alors !
Thierry: Oh putain les mecs ! Regardez la camera !
Katrina: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese !!!
Omar: Smmmmmmmack !
Annette: Oh yes !!! But let me finish my yoghurt first !
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