Délice of Finnish food

Bon appetit ! :)


Ode to the Cafeteria

By Sany. Zakharia, 

I hear a grumble and know I should eat,
I immediately stop working and jump to my feet.

I rush to the cafeteria, braving the cold,
I know what I'm doing is quite risky, quite bold.

Entering the building I do sense a smell,
Is it meat, fish, or snail in a shell?

I queue up impatiently, waiting for food,
I want first priority, I don't mean to be rude.

I suddenly have a shock, at the terrible choice,
There's certainly no reason for happiness or rejoice.

The food still looks alive, to my very surprise,
I saw the fish wink at me, with its own eyes!

I just shut my lids and stick out my plate,
I am slightly worried about my possible fate.

"Twenty-three-fifty!" the lady does profess,
"It's not worth that much!" I try to confess.

I eat very fast, hopeing to taste later,
I'm not sure if the pain will be now, or after, greater.

After consumption, I run to the bathroom,
Ping, phrrrtth, bang, plop, and boom.

What is happening to me is exactly in question,
Is my stomach really in the process of digestion?

Alas, I exit the sweet smelling stall,
And onto my seat with a sigh I do fall.

What is scary is not my now damaged intestinal tract,
But I will be at the cafeteria tomorrow, and that is a fact!


By Sany Zakharia

I believe that I am the victim of Amica'ism. Ever since I made a "suggestion" that they should organise the cafeteria so that the rice is served first and food second, ontop, rather than vice-versa and after I asked why the fruit was now behind the counter so that one has to ask for a fruit and hope that they choose the one which you were eyeing (to which the answer was a cold "this is our new policy"), I believe our relationship has changed forever.
This is yet the fourth consecutive day that I receive the smallest banana, as opposed to my colleagues. Today, out of three, two which were long, she touched all three and resolved to serve the smallest banana for my consuming pleasure. ...*sniff*.

Note: "Amica" is a chain of restaurants operating in Finnish companies.

Finnish weekly menu 

by Alain Meynier

Here is a little menu you can all follow during the week:

Monday evening: Pasta + melting cheese, Yoghourt
Tuesday evening: Rice, Yoghourt
Wednesday evening: since you're unable to cook anything else, take a salad at carrols. When back home, eat a yoghourt.
Thursday evening: Pasta(different kind than monday), Yoghourt
Friday evening: another salad at carrols, since you're going out anyway
Saturday @ noon: Pasta with tomato sauce (and cheese). No yoghourt. A slice of bread with some cheese on it.
Saturday evening: another salad at carrols, with a little extra, it's saturday: caramel sundae
Sunday @ noon: since you wake up between 12 and 15, just eat cereal before the traditional sunday football game with your friends.
Sunday evening: nothing, no time to go shopping for today.

Hope it helps...

Alain, modern nutritionist for students.