Miscellaneous stuff

* Really misc *

- Article in Magazine -
One article about me in a Taiwanese magazine, a magazine of home furniture, please don't laugh that I was taken as an example for that :) ... By the way, it's in traditional chinese characters.

- Lyon in German - (May 1997)
Visit of Lyon (France) in German language. "Paper" made when I was studying German.

- Real life -
Business card of the job in my "real" life. I still have about 180 of those to spread away, just in case you want one ...

- Nokia article -
Short article on the Nokia website about my traineeship experience.

- Family's website -
Not really updated, if my brother could take care of it ...

- Echo E-Stat -
Statistics about the hits of this website.

- Francite stats -
Other statistics, still about this site. You can even see how you've been traced.

- Bookmark -
It's simply my netscape bookmark. You might find something useful for you, one never know ...

- Guestbook -
My guestbook that you are very welcome to sign, or to view at least. If you know me, I would be really please if you could leave few words on it.

* Friends websites *

- Bugs -
Le "lapin du net". He used to be my classmate at the university in Lyon and also my student residence neighbor in England. If you are interested in cryptography, you will surely enjoy his encryption program using up to 65536 bits keys. Also, you might be using one of his GNU Linux scripts without knowing it. A real specialist of computer security and Linux ... An excellent magician and guitar player as well :) ...

- Cyrus -
Cyrus the virus ! I didn't know that Iraqi guys could be nice sometimes ;) When I'll be far away from Finland, I'll miss that guy for sure ...

- Diablo -
Aka Mr. Ben Shelton. American guy living in Finland. Excellent surfer (on the web) and laptop configurator ;) -sarcastic smile- BTW, thanx for the installation tip of the Nokia datasuite ;) A friend on whom you can always rely. Great guy !

- Fraise -
American girl living in Finland with a French guy (easy story as you can see !). Very smart [Huh ? For an american, it's kind of contradictory ;) ] girl with an excellent website about Jean-Jacques Goldman.

- Karaoke -
Fortunately, I managed to get rid of him after he followed me for more than 4 years now ! Lyon, UK, Finland, what else ? :) If you have the chance to speak French you will love reading an article about english people and life in England ... hehehehe ;)

- K^H -
Kabaiakh Hypsis. Weird guy: philosopher and digital nerd at the same time. Actually, a fascinating person ... Well, I can't say much except that I had a lot of fun with him in the back of the classroom at the university ("Zozio©" drawing contest, baseball games, poetry competition, rubber & chalk fights, literature discussion, UNIX script writting, etc ...).

- Theta Sigma -
A very friendly american guy that I met on my first tries on Iphone in 1995. We kept in touch since then and met in real life in 1997 in Lyon although we were both studying and living in UK !

- Wils -
My brother. Fan of football and the sitcom "Friends". He even made couples of pages about this series but he's changing his website address every now and then, so this link might not be valid anymore ...