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    Audio troubleshooting

    Each platform out there has its own standard:


    If you don't have a sound card, install the pc speaker driver speak.exe available from Dec or ftp.cdrom.com.

    Common formats (AU, WAV, AIFF) can be handled by Wham, wplny11.zip. If you need Audio MPEG capability, try out mpgaudio.


    Common formats (AU, WAV, AIFF) can be handled by sound-machine or SoundApp. If you need Audio MPEG capability, try out mpeg-audio.


    Sun Unix (SunOS4 or Solaris2)
    If you want to do audio streaming with Netscape (play the files while they are downloading through the network) you need xplay, which handles common AU, WAV and AIFF formats. Your mailcap file should read:
    audio/*; xplay -forkoff -; stream-buffer-size=8000
    Other Unices
    You will have to do manual conversions with sox. For instance, to do on-the-fly conversion to AU and audio streaming through Netscape, your mailcap file should read:
    audio/x-wav; sox -t .wav - -t .au - > /dev/audio; stream-buffer-size=8000
    If you need Audio MPEG capability (SGI, Sun, Next, 16 bit soundcards/Linux)
    Install your platform-specific maplay binary.

    Note: Sun users will need to know if their output device is high-quality (CD-like) dbri such as shipped with SparcStation10 (external speakerbox) or low-quality ulaw-only amd such as low-end SparcStation IPX which must use the maplay_ulaw program instead.

    Then add in the mime.types file:

        audio/x-mpeg      mp2
    and in mailcap:
        audio/x-mpeg;     maplay %s