- Songkhla province, southern Thailand -

I arrived at HatYai bus station pretty early in the morning. The sun was already shining and warmin up the fresh morning. HatYai is a city close to the Malaysian border. Usually, foreign tourists don't stop in HatYai, but they go through it in order to pass the Malaysian border and get their Thai visa renewed. That's why so many taxis were waiting at the bus station for tourists. Unfortunately for them, I was not going to help them much in their job today !
Right after getting off the bus, I went around the station. Two days before I gave a call to an acquantaince of mine living in HatYai. Actually, I knew 2 persons studying in the Prince of Songkhla University (in HatYai). I had met them on IRC more than a year before. And we used to keep contact very often by email. It's naturally that we agreed to meet for real. So, I was waiting for my friend to arrive. I only had seen her on couple of pictures. I was looking for her trying to imagine what she could look like in the non-cyber life. Few minutes later, one short girl all smiling came to me accompanied with a guy.  Of course I then immediately recognized her !

Outside from the Songkhla's custumes & people museum


Songkhla's beach


Elephant horns waterfall