"Life is a traveler who trails his coat behind him in order to remove his footprints". (Les voyageurs de l'impériale, Aragon)

- Xinjiang - (1/11-October 2003)
Visit of Xinjiang province during the national October holidays. Memorable trip with some amazing landscapes!

- Beijing - (20/30-June 2003)
My parents' visit in Beijing and some pictures about my apartment.

- Similan islands - (1-Feb/7-Feb 2003)
Went diving for 5 days on a boat. Highlights of that trip were:
- the dinners in Cafe di Roma in Bangkok; so much good food that I can still not believe it
- the 6 leopard sharks
- the snorkel tests to celebrate my diving "graduation"
- the swimming test at midnight around the boat with people throwing food to attract the sharks
- the sting ray tortured by the fishermen that Fred liberated

- YunNan - (18-Dec/25-Dec 2002)
Splendid YunNan ! LiJiang is one of the most beautiful place I've ever visited.

- North Korea - (June 2002)
The most amazing country in the world !

- Beijing, China - (February 2002 -> now)
Living and working in Beijing again !

- Tokyo, Japan - New Year 2001
Celebration of the new year 2001 in Tokyo with my Japanese and Finnish friends

- Taipei, China/Taiwan - (February 2000 -> January 2002)
Working in Taipei, but traveling a lot oversea for business: Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong-kong, mainland China, etc ...

- Beijing, China - (Mid-February 1999 -> January 2000)
Living and working in Beijing, visiting Guilin, Hong-Kong ... but not ready yet ... :)

- Europe - (July 1999 -> August 1999)
Finland, France, Switzerland, Italy ... but will never be ready ... :)

- Bretagne - (End-Dec 1998)
Family gathering in Bretagne.

- China - (End-August 1998 -> Mid-September 1998)
Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen ... but not ready yet ... :)

- Helsinki, Finland - (July 1997 -> February 1999)
Exciting time with fantastic people. (100 commented pictures)

- Middlesbrough, UK - (October 1996 -> June 1997)
Living in hell for almost a year makes you enjoy any other countries much more :) Well, more seriously, although I didn't regret this great academic year I spent over there, I will do my best not to come back there ! (about 60 pictures) You can also read about life in UK here from a friend of mine (Alain Meynier).

- Thailand - (July -> September 1996)
This is the most exciting experience I went through in my life. Treasures lie hidden in the marvelous Thailand. People with their incredible sense of welcoming teach you so much about Life. Living besides Thai and Karen people irremediably turn upside down someone's Life.
I'll try to communicate my admiring feelings for the country of Smiles and to show how this trip has totally changed my vision of Life. (120 commented pictures)