Knights of Life


- Principles -

Sword Pointer The knights of Life have a particular spark in their eyes. They belong to the world. They have started their long journey without anything. They suffer for some stupid things, they have sometimes a shabby behavior and judge themselves as not being capable of growing up. They often feel they don't deserve anything in Life. They don't always know with certainty what they are doing on earth. They frequently spend blank nights, questioning themselves and realizing their Life does not have any meaning. That's why they are Knight of Life. Because they are wrong. Because they question themselves. Because they wonder about Life. Because they are looking for a reason ... and they are going to find it.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life always learns something from the previous battles. However, part of those experiences made him suffering more than necessary. He has lost a lot of his time for a lie or for a person who didn't deserve his Love. Winners don't repeat the same mistake, that is why the Knight of Life only risks his heart for something worthwhile.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life always gives the best of himself. He also waits for the best from others. However, he tries to valorize other people's quality in order to get the best of their potential. He stimulates others because it's a means to stimulate himself.

Sword Pointer The Knight of Life can show uncommon behaviors. He can speak about Love at the first sight with a foreigner, defend an idea which might appear stupid. He does not mind about crying from an old sorrow and enjoying new discoveries. When he feels like it, he leaves everything for the adventure he has dreamt so much about. And when he reaches his limit in a battle, he gives up without feeling guilty of committing couple of crazy actions before leaving. He does not play the role people have decided for him to play.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life does not waste his time criticizing others and their actions. In order to find his own path, he does not need to prove that the path of others is not good.

Sword PointerA Knight of Life can be trusted. He sometimes commits some mistakes and judge himself more important than he is actually. But he does not lie. His heart tells him: "The ideas you publicly defend, in accordance with them you must live". It's because he thinks being what he said that he becomes what he says to be.

Sword PointerSometimes the Knight of Life falls into deep and dark waters. He feels desperate and lonely. He didn't think that could happened to him because he had always been looking for the right battle. However it happened and he starts communicating with his heart. His heart tells him: "What drowns someone is not diving, it's staying under the water". And the knight of Life reassembles his whole energy and gets out from his bad situation.

Sword PointerFor the Knight of Life there is no impossible Love. He's not influenced by the silence, indifference or reject. He knows that behind a cold mask, a heart of live coal is hidden. The Knight of Life takes more risks than others. He's looking for the Love of someone even if he has to hear "no" and come back defeated at home. A knight of Life doesn't get scared when he's looking for something he needs. Without Love, he's nothing.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life believes. It's because he believes in miracles that miracles happen. Because he's sure that his thoughts can change his Life that his Life changed. Because he's sure to find Love that Love shows up. Sometimes he's disappointed though. Sometimes he even gets deeply injured. But for one defeat he has two victories. Anybody who believes knows that.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life assumes his responsabilities. When he promises something, he respects his promise because he doesn't want to lose his self-esteem and because he's not ashamed of his saying. If he made a mistake, he won't have this attitude again but he will honor his words anyway and pay the cost of his impulsivity.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life is not afraid to look like crazy. He listens to his heart and follows what he has heard from it. He strongly believes that the best way to get some wisdom is to listen to his soul even though the actions resulting from it might be disastrous. It is by making a mistake that one learn about Life.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life does not give any importance to materialistic things. The only thing belonging to him is his heart. This is his holiest part and it has no value. That is why it is also his weakest point. He's sometimes ashamed to posses only one thing but he's proud of his only treasure. He remembers the Little Prince: "The essential is invisible to the eye; one must look with his heart". When he meditates, he stopped to be himself and become a spark of the Soul of the World. He knows, in the silence of his heart, that an order is guiding him.

Sword PointerEvery Knight of Life has made mistakes: he has lied, offended someone he Loved, betrayed, doubted about his friends, etc ... That is why he's a Knight of Life, because he went through all those experiences and never lost hope to become better.

Sword PointerA Knight of Life thinks a lot before to take a decision. He evaluates his force and experience for the battle. Once he takes the decision, he gives the best of himself to carry out the mission and goes until the end. If the decision is good he will win the battle even though it lasts longer than expected. If the decision is bad, he will defeat and start again from nothing, but with more wisdom than before.

Sword PointerA Knight of Life needs Love. Affection, tenderness and attention are part of his natural needs as much as food, drinks and the will to fight for the right battle.

Sword PointerThe Knight of Life remembers a saying from John Bunyan: "Although I went through all I've been through, I do not regret problems I have been involved with, because they lead me where I wanted to arrive. Now, approaching death, everything I posses is this sword, and I give it to the person who desires to follow his pilgrimage. I bring with me the traces and scars from fights. They are the witnesses of everything I've lived and awards that I conquered. That is those dear traces and scars which are going to open the heaven's doors for me. In the past, I spent my life listening to some bravery stories. In the past, I lived only because I needed to live. But now, I live because I'm a warrior and because, one day, I want to join the company of the Person for who I fought so much."

Inspired from Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Paulo Coelho.