- Chess - (1986 -> 1989)
Setting up a strategy and keeping concentrated for several hours on a game. Mind-fighting.

- Diving, apnea - (1990 -> 1991)
Beauty of the deep water sceneries associated with a self-control to compensate the absence of air.

- Badminton - (1992 -> 1994)
Alliance between extreme power and acuteness.

- Running - (1994 -> 1996)
What I define as the purest of all sports. Every competitor in a race is on the same step of equality. Chance is not involved in this sport, and the competition always ends by the best person to win. It is also a sport that teaches humility through it's suffering and its communion with the nature. It also teaches someone the strength to never give up, even in the worst moment of Life. The physical suffering is a spring to go over the psychological pain. A robust body provides a robust mind and vice versa.
Some races are kept in memories and seem to be unremovable like this race in Genod, a little village of 50 inhabitants in Jura, which sets up, once a year, a 13.2 Km mountain race, attracting more than 1200 runners in the beautiful sceneries of jura mountains ...

- Results -
Giving the best of yourself can provide you some unexpected awards. I might appear vain, but I'm proud though, to show what someone can achieve with a strong will and I may introduce to you my: 27 running, 2 badminton and 1 chess trophies. And about 20 medals in running, badminton, chess, football ... When one wants something, one can; it's just a matter of will.