Katrina & Yann's birthday party

First, let's start by some soft pictures and then you'll see the 2nd part:
Markus: You bastard ! Giv' me the 10,000 bucks you owe me !
Alessandro: Huh ? Don't remember what you talkin' about ...
Thierry: Hey my darlings ! Take it easy, there's a camera here !
Harmen: I'm happy coz I'm drunk ! :)
Family's picture
MIB: Am I still incognito among those persons ?
Anette: Oh my god ! Can they be my trainees ?
Roberto: No no, I don't know anybody in here !
Omar: This is Vodka from Finland. Very good product. I'm gonna show you how to drink that in one shot !
Girls: wahoo ! What a man !

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