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* Reading *

- Knights of Life - (Jan 1999)
Principles of Life. From a "definition guy" ;)

- The extremist - (Jan 1999)
An extremist's life.

- Piece of Love, piece of Life ... - (Oct 1998)
Few poems about a Love story.

- Jacques Prévert -
Homage to my favorite poet: Jacques Prevert. Poems extracted from his book "Paroles".

- The Phoenix -
The fabulous bird with several lives.

- The Rose -
Flower of Treasure.

- Sport -
It is not only a way of living, it is also a teacher of Life.

- Favorite books -
Selection of books that influence someone's life for ever.

* Politics *

- Facts about Tibet - (Nov 1999)
Let's get the facts straight about Tibet: as in most of world problems, there is no black and white view.


* Economy *

- La corruption - (Jan 1996)
Short essay in French only (sorry !) about the corruption in political and business every days' life. The main idea was to describe the mechanics of corruption but in the last section, some "innocent" solutions are also proposed to eradicate this over-centuries problem.

- Market regulations in the macroeconomic system - (Dec 1998)
Short essay on the capitalism system, its faults and qualities. And how to make it progress in the right direction on the current global world market.